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Aego M Speakers
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Aego M Speakers

A sound investment

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    MP3 players are great for enjoying music in the comfort of your own head. But what if you want to fill the entire room with digital ditties? That's right, you plug your player into one of those fancy-pants miniature speaker systems. But which one? Well, tech press experts seem to agree that the chic Aego M System is right up there with the very finest. Indeed, What Hi Fi gave this smart set of speakers a maximum 5 Star rating. And although our lugholes aren't nearly as refined, we'd have to concur.

    Aego M Speakers So compact it resembles a Lilliputian PA system, this trio of speakers has to be heard to be disbelieved. Comprising two heavy-alloy satellite speakers and a neat subwoofer with built-in amplifiers, the sleekly styled Aego M System delivers a rich audio punch that totally belies its size. Casual listeners will be looking for bass bins behind the sofa and tweeters under the table when they hear this gorgeously engineered system in action. It really is that good!

    Aego M Speakers If you like your treble smooth and your bass bombastic, the room-filling Aego is just the ticket. Potent amplifiers inside the subwoofer drive all three loudspeakers pumping out crisp sonics at decibel levels that defy belief. Armed with this smart little set up you can transform your MP3 or PC into a high quality music system in an instant. Simply plug the Aego's connecting cable into the headphone socket and hit play.

    Aego M Speakers The Aego M System is ideal for parties and impromptu soirees. Just be sure to switch off the shuffle function before cranking the volume; stumbling across a stray Sonia track can be rather embarrassing when the whole room is listening. So we understand.

    We honestly believe the Aego M System is one of the best ways to share your music with the masses. But don't just take our word for it - click Add to Cart and hear this seriously sound investment for yourself. You heard!

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