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Adonit Writer 2 Plus
  • Adonit Writer 2 Plus

Adonit Writer 2 Plus

Have you seen my keys?

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    super slim ipad 2 protection

    Folds into a slim protective case

    With the barnstorming success of the iPad 2 – and now the iPad 3 – it’s clear that people are getting the hang of media on the move. But no matter how responsive that touchscreen might be, it’s sometimes easier and quicker to write those longer emails on an old-school keyboard. But where on earth can you find a bit of kit to do this, without losing all the portability of the iPad? Where indeed.

    type notes and emails with ease

    Turn your iPad 2 into a laptop!

    The Adonit Writer 2 Plus manages to pack a tactile and responsive Bluetooth keyboard into a slim and elegant iPad folio case. Perfect for tapping out a quick email, or writing up notes after a meeting, your iPad 2/3 can be clipped in and out with ease. But why not leave it attached all the time (or at least while you’re travelling)? With your iPad in place, the Writer will not only protect it from bumps and scratches, but will automatically set it to sleep mode when you close the case. What’s more it’ll manage your iPad’s battery life as well. A green LED on the side of the case lets you know when the iPad is on and when you need to replace the battery.

    It’s the perfect way to turn your gorgeous game-changing multimedia tablet into a fully-functioning business tool – and back again – in a flash. Oops, we didn’t mean to say Flash.

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