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    A wipe-clean memo board that fits on your monitor

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      Despite the unquestionable power of today's PCs, most monitors still find themselves surrounded by countless notes and reminders clumsily stuck around their oh-so-sleek edges. And by home time your trusty computer can often look as if it's just had a particularly excruciating shave with a broken bottle. But now's your chance to rid your screen of pesky Post-its and unsightly paper with our ingeniously practical Ad-Wall. Like all the greatest inventions Ad-Wall possesses that all-important 'Why didn't I think of that?' element, and is brilliantly simple and efficient.

      Basically, Ad-Wall is a mini memo board that fits neatly onto the side of your monitor via industrial-strength double-sided pads.

      You simply doodle on its white writing surface - reminders, things to do, phone numbers, addresses, whatever - using the special dry-wipe pen (supplied) and then erase things as and when, using Ad-Wall's dinky eraser. A bit like a mini blackboard minus the chalk, nasty screeching sound and, er, blackboard. Well all right, this is nothing like a blackboard but you get the idea. The sturdy purple plastic frame holds the detachable eraser in place and the pen (included) clips neatly into a special built-in holder.

      Even when you forget what you were supposed to be remembering, Ad Wall is perfect for Rolf-style 'Can you guess what is yet?' doodlings. And because you can erase incriminating scrawl quickly and easily, saucy scribbles and caricatures of the boss can be wiped away before the wrong person sees them. Simple brilliance. Ad-Wall is without doubt the most practical PC add-on we've ever seen.

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