Action Man Classic Edition
  • Action Man Classic Edition

Action Man Classic Edition

Return of an icon

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    Hair on the Action Man

    Realistic hair!

    Life begins at 40. Well it does in the case of Action Man because he's back to his best and reporting for duty in the shape of this 40th anniversary re-issue. Forget the quasi-superhuman meathead currently masquerading as Action Man. This authentic military man is modelled on the definitive, British-as-beans-on-toast posable figure that caught the imagination of millions in the sixties and seventies.

    Action Man Classic Edition

    Footballer uniforms

    We guarantee the memories will come flooding back the second you clap eyes on this square-jawed jack-of-all-trades. From those gripping hands that once clung to ravine-traversing ropes (okay, your mum's washing line) to that jauntily angled scar and bristly hair, this golden-era Action Man is a proper geezer - well hard and up for a scrap, even in the politically correct noughties.

    The football boots on Action Man

    Have it!

    Whether you're buying one for the kids (liar) or for your own amusement, you'll be unable to resist making your Action Man strike a few poses. You might even be tempted to provide a few gruff voices for your re-issued icon as he wrestles with danger in your office/imagination.

    Action Man Classic Edition
    Speaking of various models, we're currently selling the Footballer (choose from Chelsea, Arsenal or Man Utd.) with classic team strip and training outfit.

    Action Man Classic Edition

    Nicely packaged!

    We really can't stress quite how nostalgic holding a 40th Anniversary Edition Action Man makes you feel. And dressing him up is enough to make a grown man cry. So it goes without saying that actually playing with him could tip you over the edge. And you can forget all that 'I'm buying mine as a display piece' nonsense. Besides, it takes a real man to play with an Action Man. So hurry up and get ordering before our entire squad marches out the warehouse.

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