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Action Cameras

View to a thrill - even underwater!

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Action Camera ATC-5K:
The new Action Camera ATC-5000 now has a 1.5": LCD colour screen and a wider viewing angle!
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    Action Camera

    Films underwater! (Eek!)

    Handheld video cameras are great, but as the name suggests you need to hold them. With your hands. And that's fine when you're recording dad dozing, baby crawling and the best man making a fool of himself. It's not so great, however, when you're biking it downhill, snorkelling with sharks, whooshing down the piste, or holding three pints in one hand and a bag of pork scratchings in the other.

    Action Camera

    Handlebar Cam!

    That's why you need one of our ingenious Action Cameras. Completely idiot-proof, these compact digital video cameras are ideal for all you adrenaline junkies and underwater Punch & Judy operators, as they have been designed for hands-free use and are waterproof up to 10 feet. Simply mount 'em on your helmet, handlebars, whatever, and you're away. As long as you remember to look where you're going you'll soon be capturing oodles of action-packed, POV, MTV-styley footage, complete with quality sound.

    Action Camera

    New ATC-5K: see what you're recording!

    If you go for the ATC-5K you can watch the action immediately, exactly as you saw it, on a built-in 1.5" LCD colour screen. Plump for the ATC-3K and you can view your radically bodacious stunts (read stag night shenanigans) by plugging into your PC, Mac or TV. Overdubbing the soundtrack with a suitably up-tempo metal anthem is entirely up to you.

    Each camera features 32MB of onboard memory, expandable to 4GB via SD card, so you can capture several takes as you attempt to master that black run, navigate those rapids, search for that lost penny at the bottom of the pool, or chat up that babe with the mesmerising, erm, eyes.

    Action Camera

    SD Card slot to store your videos!

    USB Port to transfer your videos!

    RCA Connector to playback your videos!

    Action Camera

    Now includes a Webcam Stand!

    Shock resistant, these sturdy cams are built to withstand all manner of foolhardy hobbies, come rain, dirt, snow, shine or brine. And thanks to a 640x480 VGA CMOS sensor, picture quality is cracking. Okay, so the resolution isn't up there with top-end Harry Bigbutton vidcams, but would you really want to strap one of those to your head whilst playing silly buggers in a kayak? Exactly.

    Action Camera

    Easy to use LCD display

    The ATC-3K features a generous wide angle 48° lens, but if you want to shoot serious fancypants footage, go for the ATC-5K and its all-encompassing 53° lens. Armed with this luxe beast you'll capture a decent slice of the action and a shot of the point-and-giggle brigade laughing as you go for a burton. Maybe.

    Action Cameras

    (L-R) New ATC-5K and the ATC-3K

    We've been looking for a decent action cam for ages and these babies are the first ones that cut the mustard in terms of quality, price and usability. Their additional sub-aquatic abilities make 'em must-haves. So hurry up and get ordering before everyone's wearing one. And... action!

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