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Acre of Venus

    Acre of Venus

    Give someone a piece of the planet of love...

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      What better way to show your love than by giving a piece of the planet of love itself, beautiful, scenic Venus. Long regarded as Earth's sister planet due to their roughly equal size, the 'blue planet' is also known as the 'bringer of peace' and was named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty. The planet was so named because it was the brightest of the planets known to the ancients.

      Acre of Venus: Venus

      Venus is, after the sun and moon, the brightest object in the night sky. It is also the hottest planet in the solar system, hotter even than Mercury. Due to the blanket of cloud cover which keeps the heat trapped, average temperatures are a balmy 464°C all year round, so you might want to stock up on cool drinks before heading off for a long weekend in your cottage in the foothills of Ishtar Terra. Given that it gets hot enough to melt lead, a ceiling fan might be an idea, too.

      Acre of Venus: Deed

      You may be wondering how it is possible to 'sell' land on Venus? What a cunning organisation known as MoonEstates have done is to look very carefully at the The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 and the Moon Treaty of 1984, propositions put forward by the United Nations. Implemented to stop governments from claiming celestial bodies and planets for themselves (had the people involved not seen a sci-fi movie?), it didn't say that other companies and groups couldn't do the very same. Cheeky, perhaps; opportunist, definitely.

      Acre of Venus: Surface of Venus

      Thus, it is now possible to claim an acre of Venus in your own name (or someone else's, as one makes a great gift). If anyone wants to build on your little plot, then they will require your permission. Anyone can explore without permission, but that's as far as it goes. This clever idea is catching on like wildfire, and MoonEstates ensure that all plots are unique. In fact, they've done everything to reassure buyers and make the process as fair and correct as possible.

      Acre of Venus: Goddess Venus by Botticelli

      So if you and your lover are tired of overcrowding, worried about impending ecological catastrophe, or just want somewhere romantic where you can go for the weekend, why not invest in a little off-earth real estate. The prices are very reasonable and you won't be bothered by noisy neighbours. And there are no Starbucks there. Yet.

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