Abusive Confetti Balloons
  • Abusive Confetti Balloons
  • Abusive Confetti Balloons
  • Abusive Confetti Balloons
  • Abusive Confetti Balloons

Abusive Confetti Balloons

I glitterally can’t

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Abusive Confetti Balloons
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  • Abusive Balloons are back, baby!
  • This time they’re see-through and full of gold confetti
  • Each pack contains 5 balloons
  • Not blown up, obviously - you have to do that bit


Opaque, coloured balloons are so last decade. We’re filling them with confetti from now on, okay?

We’ve taken our bestselling Abusive “HAPPY FUCKING WHATEVER” Balloons and packed them full of glittery gold confetti that moves around like a sparkly blizzard in a giant snow globe. Literally the easiest way to make it look like you’ve made a massive effort for someone when all you did was exhale deeply a few times.

Pro tips: blow the balloons up with helium if you want them to float, but blow them up with air if you plan to tie them up. You can make the confetti stick to the sides of the balloon by rubbing it with your hands or fabric whilst turning it.

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6 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Don't pop it there's more confetti when ur trying to pick it off the carpet! was great for my grumpy git's birthday actually made him smile"
    - 7th of October, 2019
  • "The balloon so were fantastic, best balloons I've ever bought for my other halves birthday 😂"
    - 30th of September, 2019
  • "Loved these, very funny. Took one start off because they deflated quite quickly, but you don't really keep balloons long so not problem."
    - 9th of August, 2019
  • "The best thing I have ever bought!! Can’t wait to use these, I’m going to blow them up in helium! "
    - 5th of February, 2019
  • "Good quality large balloons. Do not pop in the house though or you’ll be cleaning up confetti for weeks after..."
    - 23rd of January, 2019