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Mental? It's Abla-Hoo-tely hat stand!

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    We've really got our work cut out describing Abla-Hoo, as this voice-activated, remote-controlled, er, creature(?) is quite obviously the work of a madman. We'll give it a go though.

    Imagine if Rolf Harris, Prof. Heinz Wolf, Spongebob Squarepants and a four-year-old graphic designer were abducted by aliens and ordered to create a remote-controlled thingamabob. Well, Abla-Hoo could well be the resultant thingamabob. Because in terms of both design and function, this crazy critter is stark raving bonkers.

    Abla-Hoo: Face Detail

    In a nut(ter)shell, Abla-Hoo is a voice-activated, infra-red remote-controlled ghost robot. And no, we've absolutely no idea what a ghost robot is either! What we do know is that Abla-Hoo is one of the most amusing, perplexing and strangely compelling playthings ever to jitter (yes, jitter) through the doors of Firebox Manor.

    With its stubby torso, wacky flappers (all six of 'em) tiptap pods (feet) and 'eartennae', Abla-Hoo looks like it has just escaped from a maximum security asylum for comically insane toys on the Planet Nutjob, in a bizarre cartoon-esque parallel universe. And that's before you've customised him by attaching the included rattles and shakers to his wingtips (or 'plaws'). To add to the lunacy you can personalise Abla-Hoo by sticking paper accessories (included) on his head. No, really!

    Abla-Hoo: Mood Toot Detail

    You control Abla-Hoo via a strange little unit known as a 'mood toot'. Basically, this snake-charmer-ish device is an infra-red controller that is a bit like a hi-tech penny whistle. Simply speak, blow or make stupid noises into the mood toot's microphone, press the command buttons and Abla-Hoo begins to strut his stuff. With a little practice you'll have Abla-Hoo rattling, dancing, blinking, chattering, walking and even singing. You've never seen anything like it.

    We think you'll be utterly smitten by Abla-Hoo, as he has all the makings of a cult toy, and his bizarre actions are a pleasure to behold. In fact, he's so different to every other RC plaything around we're still trying to think of a category to put him in. And anything that manages to defy categorisation in this day and age has got to be a winner. Weird, wacky and wonderful? Abla-Hoo-tely

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