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Abashiri Pink Beer
  • Abashiri Pink Beer
  • Abashiri Pink Beer
  • Abashiri Pink Beer

Abashiri Pink Beer

Pop the cherry

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  • Add a new colour to your cultured craft beer palate
  • Savour this deliciously pink brew
  • Infused with a subtle sweet cherry flavour
  • Exotic in colour, taste and origin


The same exotic brewery that bought us Blue Beer has added a new colour to its bright and boozy palette – Abashiri Pink Beer, a decadent pink brew with a crisp white head and subtle cherry flavour.

The cherries used to make this striking beer are grown in the northernmost regions of Japan where they're exposed to the harsh frost blowing in from the Okhotsk Sea. This gives the cherries a gentle sweetness which compliments the malt notes perfectly and results in a fresh and fruity brew.

Forget the supermarket swill and snobbish hipster ales – think pink.
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2 Reviews

Average 4/5 stars
  • "Refreshing to drink but not beer like. Subtle cherry flavour."
    Bleu - 11th of April, 2017
  • "The flavour of the cherrys accent the beer nicely."
    Sam - 20th of February, 2017