Abashiri Blue Beer
  • Abashiri Blue Beer
  • Abashiri Blue Beer
  • Abashiri Blue Beer

Abashiri Blue Beer

Blue Shade Booze

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  • The Bluest beer in the whole world
  • Local flowers and seaweed endow it with its striking colour
  • Contains water from melted icebergs in the Sea of Okhotsk
  • Chinese Yam provides a superior head that resembles floating ice
  • Contrary to it's appearance, it doesn't taste like a raspberry slushie
V - Suitable for Vegetarians


In between creating longevity-inducing rice dishes, the good people of Japan like to kick back with an ice cold beer. But not just any ordinary beer – Abashiri Blue Beer.

It's not even just a little bit blue either, it's really blue. It's bluer than blueberries, bluer than the smurfs, bluer than the Blue Man Group, even bluer than Daniel Craig's glistening blue eyes.

This striking beer achieves its unique aquamarine hue by using a blend of blue seaweed and locally grown flowers, it even contains water from melted icebergs.* To sip this beautiful blue brew is to immerse yourself in the wild and colourful flavours of the frozen Abashiri coastline. Seriously, you're basically drinking the island, soon there'll be nothing left. * The original drink is made from these delightfully regional ingredients but due to European law they cannot be exported, so you will be enjoying the delicious taste known simply as "Blue 1" – you'll have to travel to Abashiri for the fully authentic experience
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60 Reviews

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  • "Given as a gift. Great stuff!"
    - 14th of November, 2018
  • "It's beer. The head, shoulders, knees and nose leave undertones of bluish beeriness. (It's like sweet beer, and it's very blue. Tasty. Blue)"
    - 13th of November, 2018
  • "Great unusual gift"
    - 9th of November, 2018
  • "Super yummy and such a bright blue!"
    Abigail - 17th of October, 2018
  • "I bought this as a Christmas present, but they arrived in good packaging - making it easier for me to wrap! Such a unique gift. "
    Megan - 15th of October, 2018