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ATM Savings Bank
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ATM Savings Bank

Hit the cashpoint without leaving home

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    ATM Savings Bank

    Feed me, Seymore!

    Aren't cashpoints great? Shove in your card, punch in your pin and hey presto - instant wonga 24/7. Of course the major drawback (apart from requiring money in the bank in the first place) is that you have to venture forth unto the local high street in order to use one.

    That's why we love the ingenious ATM Savings Bank. This battery-operated cashpoint-style piggy bank allows you to make deposits and withdrawals without leaving home, and it even recognises the value of each coin so you can check your 'balance' whenever you like. Clever, eh? Notes are deposited via a motorised slot under the keypad and coins go in a slot by the LCD screen. There are even a few flashing lights and realistic beep-beep whirr-whirr sounds to add to the realism.

    ATM Savings Bank ATM Savings Bank ATM Savings Bank

    Insert card

    Enter PIN

    Withdraw Cash!

    Thankfully, despite this amazing attention to detail, the ATM Savings Bank isn't daubed in puerile graffiti, and you won't have to queue up behind a bunch of slowcoach dunderheads to get at your lovely lolly. Simply insert the programmable card and input your chosen 4 digit PIN code. It's infinitely more gratifying than shaking a plastic pig or rummaging around under the mattress. And just think of the fun you'll have watching friends and colleagues as they fail to make sneaky withdrawals from your comedy cash machine.

    As well as making saving money fun, the chic ATM Savings Bank is a perfect desktop/bedside companion and it even features a handy alarm clock and calendar. In fact, we haven't been this excited about anything cashpoint-related since we found out Reg Varney off On the Buses opened the world's first ATM machine in Enfield in 1967. No, really! So hurry up and scrape together £19.99 before it's too late. And always remember: money isn't everything, but it's way ahead of whatever's in second place. Ker-ching!

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