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ASUS Ultra Portable PC
  • ASUS Ultra Portable PC

ASUS Ultra Portable PC

Affordable ultra-portable PC? Computer says yes!

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    ASUS Ultra Portable PC

    NEW: Black version!

    Much as we love laptops, they're still quite bulky, not to mention expensive. But who wants to be computer-less when they're out and about, especially in this day and age? Not us. That's why we refuse to go anywhere without the revolutionary ASUS Ultra Portable PC. This take-anywhere gizmo does everything a laptop can except break the bank or give you arm ache. Genius!

    ASUS Ultra Portable PC
    Weighing in at only 0.92kg with a 7" screen and full keyboard, the 4GB Asus is a truly powerful yet affordable solution to all your computing-on-the-move problems, and it's ready to go right out of the box.

    ASUS Ultra Portable PC

    ASUS Ultra Portable PC screen

    ASUS Ultra Portable PC

    Practical for both Home and Work!

    Armed with the Asus you can email, surf the net, create documents, play games upload photos (via a built-in card reader), enjoy music and videos, log on to Skype - you name it. In fact the Asus is pre-loaded with over 40 built-in applications for work and play. And unlike rival ultra-portables the whole idiot-proof shebang boots up in seconds

    What about connectivity? Well, this smart little notebook boasts built-in Wi-Fi that automatically detects and connects to hotspots, giving you instant internet access wherever you may roam. And whilst we're on the subject of travel, the ASUS Ultra Portable PC's solid state drive means it's shock resistant and seriously durable.

    ASUS Ultra Portable PC

    Slimline Design


    Sleek and Minimal

    ASUS Ultra Portable PC

    Built-in stereo speakers

    Despite its pocket-friendly price you won't need to buy any pricey extras because the Asus features built-in high definition stereo speakers, a microphone and even a webcam. Add a highly intuitive Windows-esque point-and-click graphic interface and you're looking at a take-anywhere system that completely re-writes the rules, especially in terms of value.

    Ideal for anyone who fancies a laptop but lacks the muscle (both physically and financially), the ASUS Ultra Portable PC is set to become a must-have device for compu-fans everywhere. You'll wonder how you ever managed without one!

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