Summer Sale 2018
ASP Mirage

    ASP Mirage

    The slightly see-through Sapphire Torch

    Product not available at the moment.


      If you've been to Firebox before - and if not, shame on you - then you will probably be aware of both the Sapphire Torch and ASP Navigator. Both are tiny pocket torches with an astonishingly powerful beam (blue in the case of the Sapphire Torch; red with the Navigator) that can be seen up to a mile away.

      The Mirage has chosen to be the chameleon in the crowd, each torch's beam corresponds with the colour of the casing. There's also a clip at one end so that you can attach the Mirage to bags, keys, fishing stuff, camping equipment – anywhere where you might need a powerful light source. We've seen plenty of them in clubs and at parties too.

      So what's so different about the ASP Mirage, compared to its two existing brothers? Only the bodywork, to be honest. But the new colours are very swish, and you do get to see some of the inner parts of the torch. Such as the spring. And the battery. And a circular thing that does something.

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