ARTFX+ Darth Vader Statue
  • ARTFX+ Darth Vader Statue

ARTFX+ Darth Vader Statue

Search your feelings, you know it needs no glue

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    Detail closeup - helmet

    Most impressive detail

    Maybe it’s the helmet. Maybe it’s the raspy breath. Maybe it’s the black leather codpiece, but one thing’s for sure: Darth Vader is the greatest sci-fi villain in the galaxy. So why not celebrate this darkest of Dark Lords and say ‘No, I am your father’ (preferably into a toothbrush beaker to make your voice sound all echoey) to the ARTFX+ Darth Vader Statue.

    Created with sophisticated Vader nuts in mind, this beautifully crafted, pre-painted snap-fit figure can be assembled in seconds without adhesive, skill or the power of the Force. Search your feelings, you know it needs no glue!


    8 inches (just over 20cms) tall!

    The perfect centrepiece for your Star Wars shrine, Darth stands approximately 8” tall and appears just as he did in The Empire Strikes Back; glossy helmet, fancy control panel and all. In fact he’s so impressive (most impressive) it’s easy to forget what an unconscionable sociopath he’d become by the time he dropped his F bomb on poor Luke.

    Thanks to magnetic feet, this twisted master of evil can be positioned on an included display base without losing his balance, or his cool. Re-enacting those legendary Empire moments has never been such fun. ‘Apology accepted, Captain Needa.’ Indeed, if you stare at this iconic baddie for long enough you might even forget the hash George Lucas made of the prequels. Hayden who? It is useless to resist. You will join him or die!

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