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ARTFX+ Boba Fett Statue
  • ARTFX+ Boba Fett Statue

ARTFX+ Boba Fett Statue

He’s no good to me… in bits

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    rear detail

    Cape and rocket launcher on his back

    Forget about Darth Vader with his sissy emotional conflict, gammy hand and theatrical posturing. The baddest dude in the Star Wars galaxy was, is and always will be Boba Fett. So why not celebrate the dastardly deeds of the most notorious bounty hunter in the outer rim (we’re trembling already) and whisper ‘As you wish’ to the ARTFX+ Boba Fett Statue.

    Created with sophisticated geeks in mind, this beautifully crafted, pre-painted snap-fit figure can be assembled in seconds without glue, skill or the sly assistance of Lando Calrissian. Even a Wookie could put it together and we all know the trouble Chewie had re-assembling Threepio. ‘I’m backwards!’

    aiming blaster pose

    Interchangeable arms let you create different poses

    Standing 8” tall and clad in Mandalorian armour with a trusty blaster by his side, Boba’s ultra-realistic get-up shows the wear and tear of a life of crime along with various personal touches including a cape and built-in weaponry. Realistic? Even his helmet’s dented. Ouch! And thanks to interchangeable arms you can pose him ‘at ease’ or aiming his blaster. Re-enacting those brief but impressive on-screen appearances has never been such fun. ‘He’s no good to me dead.’

    Thanks to magnetic feet this magnificently mysterious character can be positioned on his included display base without losing his balance, or his cool. Just make sure you keep him well away from any blind smugglers and suspicious looking holes. ‘Boba Fett? Boba Fett? Where?’ Aarghhhhhhhhhhhh!

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