AQ Wireless Outdoor Speakers
  • AQ Wireless Outdoor Speakers

AQ Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Disco al fresco

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    White AQ Wireless Outdoor Speakers

    White Version

    Not so long ago listening to music in the back garden involved cranking up the stereo with the windows wide open or lugging your hi-fi outside and praying for dry weather. But this is the wire-free 21st century, so feast your ears on the daffodil-decking boom of AQ’s Wireless Outdoor Speakers.

    This unconventionally stylish pair of waterproof noisemakers will unleash the sound of music in your garden without the assistance of wires or even a singing nun. Just plug your gizmo of choice (iPod, CD player, computer) into the accompanying mains-powered transmitter and leave the rest to the speakers’ powerful auto-scanning tech.

    Water Proof Wired Transmitter Carry it

    Water Proof

    Mains Powered Transmitter

    Carry up to 100 meters away

    With an impressive range of up to 100 metres (30-40 metres through walls and ceilings) enjoying music al fresco without tripping over wires has never been easier. ‘Ooh, Justin Bieber serenading guests at my barbecue. What could be better?’ Pretty much everything bar war and famine but there’s no accounting for taste. Party!

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