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AQ Orbit Wireless Speaker Dock
  • AQ Orbit Wireless Speaker Dock

AQ Orbit Wireless Speaker Dock

Wires? What wires?

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    Unless you’ve got speakers wired in to every room in the house, listening to impromptu blasts of your favourite ear candy requires the assistance of a decent pair of wireless speakers. But why stop at speakers alone when you can dock your iPod/iPhone aboard an accompanying base unit? It’s a doddle with the AQ Orbit Wireless Speaker Dock.

    You can place speakers upto 30m away!

    You can place speakers up to 30m away!

    As well as its handy idocking capabilities, this multi-tasking sound system wirelessly sucks the tunes out of your computer, blasting ‘em through its quality stereo speakers up to 30 metres away. Simply pop the included USB transmitter into your PC or Mac and stream away. Cleverer still, the detachable, rechargeable speakers sit on a base that miraculously whooshes juice in every time you plonk ‘em onboard.

    Placing speaker to charge Remote control speaker controls

    Just place the speakers to charge up

    Remote control

    Controls on the speakers

    Brilliant for barbecues, kitchen discos and any other event in need of spontaneous sonic oomph, the sleek AQ is fully compatible with countless audio sources (via its 3.5mm input) and comes with a nifty remote. Annoying the neighbours has never been easier. Yeah, Twisted Sister’s Greatest Hits!

    connections on the back

    Wireless USB stick for PC steaming, AUX in and DC in

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