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AIAIAI Tracks Headphone with Mic
  • AIAIAI Tracks Headphone with Mic

AIAIAI Tracks Headphone with Mic

Slim shape, fat sounds

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    Close up of the headphone

    The earphone (Blush)

    With its sleek lines and minimal design you’d be forgiven for thinking the AIAIAI Tracks Headphone with Mic is something of an audio lightweight. But slip on this stylish headgear and you’ll be surprised at not only the quality of sound, but the comfort too.

    Stripped right down to all but the most essential parts, these award winning headphones will flex and fit your head without any high tech adjustments needed. Their lightweight design means you’ll barely notice them when they’re on, and the soft padded cushions will sit snugly against your ears.

    Grey and Sand

    (L-R) Grey and Blush

    The minimalist look and feel of these stylish phones means you can use them anywhere – either at work, at home or on the move. Especially since the lead features a built-in mic. Listen to music on your mobile and take calls at the same time, or simply use it to record vocals at home. This sleek, understated design will adapt to suit you.
    Black and Petrol Blue

    (L-R) Black and Petrol Blue

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