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Insane plane and automobile!

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    When it comes to OTT remote controlled vehicles, we really thought we'd seen the lot: cars, tanks, planes, boats, massive, micro, eight wheels, no wheels, sonic, infra-red - you name it, we've sold it. So imagine our surprise when the mighty ATLAS trundled through the doors and, in terms of truly ludicrous, you've-got-to-be-joking-factor, instantly trounced the lot.

    And no, we're not referring to that Atlas - although a remote controlled Greek god who carried the heavens on his shoulders would be highly impressive. We're talking about ATLAS, or, to give it its non-acronymic name, "All Terrain Launch Aviation System".

    A.T.L.A.S.: plane

    Although it beggars belief, this incredible RC rechargeable 'system' consists of a twin-prop RC plane that takes off from a caterpillar-clad launch vehicle. And yep, you control them both via a single transmitter. It's the ultimate fly-drive!

    A.T.L.A.S.: outdoor shot

    As the vehicle rolls along, the plane sits on a launch platform, piggy-back style. To launch the plane, simply press the button on the handheld transmitter unit and a launch arm lifts the plane to the correct angle à la Thunderbird 2. As soon as the plane takes off, the transmitter automatically switches from the vehicle to the plane and the vehicle stops running. You can then get down to some serious airborne thrills and spills with the highly manoeuvrable aircraft that has a range of almost 300ft.

    A.T.L.A.S.: vehicle

    Once you've successfully landed the plane, you can then drive the vehicle back to your starting point. Both plane and launch vehicle can be played with separately - the car will even perform wheelies and spins when it hasn't got the plane on its back. Both vehicles are fully rechargeable via a single charger and two battery packs. And, although the ATLAS is suitably bulky, its lightweight construction means you don't have top be built like Charles Atlas to carry it around.

    A.T.L.A.S.: transmitter

    Dual-function Controller

    Quite frankly, if the ATLAS doesn't get fellow park-goers in a jealous rage, nothing will. And once you've got the hang of controlling the whole shebang you'll attain god-like status amongst the outdoor masses. Well, perhaps that's a little OTT. But then again, so is the ATLAS. Buy it, drive it, fly it!

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