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A-solar 6-in-1 Charging Kit
  • A-solar 6-in-1 Charging Kit

A-solar 6-in-1 Charging Kit

Chop and charge

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    Using as a torch

    Connect attachment to make a torch!

    With six attachable gadgets, the A-solar 6-in-1 Charging Kit gives you a host of fantastic functions in one compact package. What do you need? A torch? A reading light? How about a radio, a speaker, a desk fan, or a battery charger? Just clip the relevant attachment onto the battery unit and you’re ready to go.

    As if this wasn’t useful enough, the rechargeable Li-Ion battery unit has a high-efficiency solar panel built in. So you can charge it even if you’re miles from the nearest plug. Take the A-solar 6-in-1 Charging Kit wherever you go – to work, camping, the beach, or just keep it in the car – and you’ll always have portable power, light and music at your fingertips.

    The 6 attachments

    6 attachments (From L-R): Radio speaker, Solar battery, Fan, Torch, Reading light and USB Cable

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