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A Practical Guide To Racism
  • A Practical Guide To Racism
  • A Practical Guide To Racism
  • A Practical Guide To Racism
  • A Practical Guide To Racism
  • A Practical Guide To Racism
  • A Practical Guide To Racism
  • A Practical Guide To Racism

A Practical Guide To Racism

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A Practical Guide To Racism
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  • The essential field guide for our multicultural world
  • Hundreds of practical tips to improve your own racism
  • The critically-acclaimed LA Times Best Seller
  • Hilariously provocative, brutally sarcastic and deeply offensive
  • No single race is left unscathed, even Merpeople


This is not simply a guide to being a racist, rather it's a book that highlights the ludicrous absurdity which is prevalent in all racism. It takes a satirical look at these long-standing stereotypes and draws them out to their mad and illogical conclusions. Don't worry, this brutally sarcastic and deeply offensive body of evidence suggests that everyone should be hated – even white people!

Learn all about "the care-free existence enjoyed by blacks, who meander through life unhindered by the white man's burdens, such as reverse racism and white slavery, to become accomplished athletes, rhymesmiths, and dominoes champions." Lament the sad story of the "industrious, intelligent Jews, whose entire reputation is sullied by their unfortunate taste for the blood of Christian babies."

Rest assured that no race is left unscathed in this handy, authoritative and provocative guide.

“Mr. Dalton's book is sure to soothe, or possibly inflame, racial hatred.” – George Meyer, writer and producer for The Simpsons

“As everyone knows, there's only one thing that can end racism: laughter. Or fire. This book is a ready source of both. Read it with someone you hate” – John Stewart, The Daily Show

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29 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Absolutely class gift to give to the number 1 racist in the family. Unfortunately he didn’t take it as a hint but I think he’s beyond hope"
    - 20th of March, 2020
  • "Bought as a joke present for my partners grandmother. Added a nice bit of humour to Christmas Day! "
    - 8th of January, 2020
  • "Hilarious 😂 "
    - 1st of December, 2019
  • "Not for the light hearted. Got this for my partner who isn’t a book lover, this is an exception! He loves it and is always showing me pages."
    - 13th of August, 2019
  • "Turned my friend into a professional racist. 5/5"
    - 23rd of February, 2019