A Clockwork Orange Gnome
  • A Clockwork Orange Gnome

A Clockwork Orange Gnome

Gnomey Womes

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  • A sociopathic and ultra-violent lawn ornament
  • Start your own gang of merry garden droogs
  • Complete with white overalls, army boots and fake eyelashes
  • Just see what happens when you play it Beethoven's 9th


Garden gnomes. Innocent ceramic dwarves sat out on the lawn minding their own business, just keeping up appearances. But when night falls and they no longer have to be seen pushing around wheelbarrows, sitting on toadstools and "fishing" – what do these little guys get up to?

Indulging in a spot of ultra-violence down by the canal perhaps? A bit of the old "in-out" at the local abandoned theatre? Or just kicking back with some lovely, lovely Ludwig van.

This A Clockwork Orange Gnome is the sociopathic delinquent alter-ego of everyone's favourite garden ornament. Hand-painted with black military boots, white overalls and fake eyelashes – it's ready for a night of adventure with the other neighbourhood droogs.

So what’s it going to be then, eh? Make up your rassadooks and get yourself one of these delightful gnomey womes.

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  • "Awesome and hilarious although rather lightweight, could do with being heavier to live outside by the coast."
    Rachel - 24th of June, 2015