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Wheelie incredible

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    Neatly folded down!

    Most fold-up bikes are about as portable as lead cement mixers. What's more you normally need a degree in engineering to collapse and assemble the unwieldy mass of metal tubing. And then there are all those oily parts to contend with. It's enough to make you give up on the whole fold-up bike concept.

    And give up is exactly what we had done until one of our product scouts rolled into Firebox HQ on an A-bike. This revolutionary transportation-system (okay, fold-up bike) is being hailed as the answer to all your short-hop journey dilemmas as it is the world's first truly portable, commuter-friendly bicycle.


    Perfect for getting out and about!

    Weighing in at a mere 5.7kg, the meticulously-engineered A-bike has been specifically created for short-hop journeys - to the station, the shops, the gym, the cinema, or anywhere else that you need to get to pronto.


    Folding Pedals

    It won't travel as fast as a regular bike but the A-bike allows you to toodle along in half the time any walk takes. Speaking of time, you won't waste any assembling and collapsing the A-bike because its idiot-proof 3-click telescopic mechanism means it can be folded-out and ready to ride in about ten seconds. No, really, we've tried it.


    1. Grab your A-Bike 2. Pull Up the Seat 3. Pull up the telescopic legs until they click


    4. Reverse the handle bars and bring the grips together until they click
    5. Separate the legs 6. Fold out the pedals and get on 'yer bike!


    A-Bike Carry Bag!

    Unlike old-school fold-ups, the A-bike's chain and brake cables are enclosed within its heat-treated aluminium frame, so oily mitts will become a distant memory. Featuring optimised gearing for short commutes/hill-climbing, pneumatic tyres and an adjustable saddle, the A-bike really is ideal for all those journeys that are too long to walk but too short for any other mode of transport.

    Best of all the entire shebang can easily be slipped into its smart carry-bag while you hop on the tube, train, bus, or even a plane. So hurry up and hop on an A-bike. You'll wonder what you ever saw in walking.

    Also available:

    A-bike Pump
    Lovely rubbery
    Feeling flat? Keep your A-bike's tyres at the perfect pressure with this sleek little pump. Cut from the same über-chic mould as the A-bike, this compact blower-upper features a 1.5" analogue gauge with protective housing, a non-leakage valve-release system and an easy-to-read-pressure gauge.


    Stash Helmet
    Love your bonce?
    You've seen the ultimate fold-up bike, now witness the ultimate fold-up helmet. Yes indeed, this amazing little lid miraculously folds into itself when not in use, so you can bung it in your rucksack, your laptop case or even your handbag. More importantly the Stash Helmet will protect your beloved bonce as you whizz along on your A-bike. The Stash utilises injection-moulded ABS, ultra-strong, lightweight exo-shells and shock-absorbing EPS foam liners to absorb impact. Over 'ere, on me 'ead!

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