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80s iPhone Case
  • 80s iPhone Case

80s iPhone Case

Red braces sold separately

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    Suited business man using the 80s Retro iPhone Case

    Become an 80's Yuppie

    Back in the Eighties you had to be a massive banker to own a mobile phone. Hardly surprising because these pricey bricks of iffy low-tech were the ultimate status symbol. So why not recreate those halcyon days of huge handsets, red braces and greed-is-good economics with the 80s iPhone Case.

    Simply slip your iPhone into this chunky protective case and behold: an Eighties-style mobile rammed with enough 21st century jiggery-pokery to make a yuppie’s bouffant wither. It even doubles up as a vertical or horizontal stand. Watching re-runs of Only Fools and Horses has never been such fun*.

    Holding the 80s Retro iPhone Case

    Feel the power!

    As well as protecting your iPhone from bumps and scratches, this ironic but iconic case is guaranteed to elicit knowing nods and shocked sniggers depending on the age of the onlooker. Now all you need is a Porsche and a pair of shoulder pads. Let’s do lunch!

    *Falling through the bar is optional.

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