8-Bitty Wireless Game Controller
  • 8-Bitty Wireless Game Controller

8-Bitty Wireless Game Controller

Itty, bitty controller

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    Works with Apple and Android apps

    Suitable for your smart-phone or tablet, the 8-Bitty Wireless Game Controller uses an open interface system, meaning that it’s compatible with hundreds of arcade games and emulators, and easily adapted for future releases.

    Fully wireless, and featuring a full 8-button control including 4 face-buttons, select, start, and two shoulder-buttons and a D-Pad for directional movement, bringing back memories of early systems (before all these new-fangled joysticks and motion-sensors).

    Whether you like some Asteroids on your Android or Frogger on your iPhone this is your ticket to an authentic old-school gaming experience. Super-portable, the 8-Bitty means you can just pop it in your pocket and you’ll always be ready to get your retro game on.

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