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70s Hairy Chest Sweater
  • 70s Hairy Chest Sweater

70s Hairy Chest Sweater

Hirsute Couture

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  • Thick, luxuriant chest-rug
  • Stay warm during winter hibernation
  • Experience increased attraction from bears



This product was created in homage to Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up. Following the news about Keith, we are now donating 50% of proceeds of this towel to The CALM Zone to support a cause that we believe in. RIP to the legend that is Keith Flint

What makes lumberjacks, 70s television stars and the giant Brown Bears of Alaska so irresistibly attractive to others? Simple. Their long, luxuriant chest hair.

Sadly, the recent 'man-scaping' trend has led to an epidemic of people pedantically plucking their pecs. Oh, the humanity.

Thankfully, we’ve found a solution (while you wait for your rug to regenerate). The 70s Hairy Chest Sweater. This 100% polyester sweater is almost guaranteed to increase your masculinity, virility and ability to chop wood.

Pull it on to cover that embarrassing hairless body, or add it to your existing rug for additional ‘70s style points.

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