6 in 1 Solar Kit
  • 6 in 1 Solar Kit

6 in 1 Solar Kit

On me head, sun

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    Your kit ready for construction!

    If, like us, you can’t go out in the sun without burning like a cheap family ham; here’s a new way to make the most of the good weather. The incredibly adaptable 6 in 1 Solar Kit lets you build six different moving gadgets without a battery in sight.

    As the name suggests, this innovative bit of kit draws all of its power from the sun. Meaning you not only learn about construction, you can also pick up a few tips on saving the planet too.

    Instructions Solar Panel Boat

    Detailed instructions

    Solar powered

    Build a boat (or five other models)

    Choose from a cute robotic dog, a boat, a moving plane, a windmill (yes, a solar powered windmill, what of it?), a car and a rotating desktop toy. Each of the models comes with a detailed set of instructions that, thankfully, doesn’t require a degree in industrial engineering, particle physics, or anger management to follow.

    A brilliant introduction to the world of construction, electronics and alternative energy, the 6 in 1 Solar Kit has a model to suit everybody.

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