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6-in-1 Card Reader - 25% off!

    6-in-1 Card Reader - 25% off!

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      Take six card readers into the shower? No, should hope not, that'll do them no good whatsoever and would also imply you've got your PC set up somewhere in your bathroom. Now I'm sure we don't have to wax lyrical about the effects of water on electrical equipment, do we? While we can't guarantee our 6-in-1 card reader's integrity when faced with a barrage of high pressure water, we can recommend it to anyone faced with a tricky memory card dilemma.

      6-in-1 USB Card Reader In some sort of quasi-Betamax versus VHS format war, memory card formats have got completely out of control. While some cameras use Compact Flash cards, some use SmartMedia. While some MP3 players rely on Memory Stick, others use SD. It's a portable storage minefield, but one that Firebox is particularly keen to lead you through unscathed.

      6-in-1 USB Card Reader The 6-in-1 is a natty multi-talented USB device that's compatible with Compact Flash, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, MultiMedia, Secure Digital and even IBM MicroDrives. The best bit is that Windows ME and XP users can simply "plug-and-play", as the 6-in-1 Card Reader is instantly recognised without the need for additional software. But not to worry, if you use a different operating system (including Mac) it's a case of simply loading the drivers from the software CD included.

      There's basically very little in the way of storage media that it can't read and, as such, that makes it the perfect foil for any of our MP3 players or digital cameras. Rather than putting yourself through the time consuming drudgery of connecting cables to your device, you can simply whip out the memory card, slot it into the card reader and have everything transferred onto your PC in the blink of an eye.

      Software is included Consider the £19.95 price tag and then consider how much time you've spent crawling around connecting cables to the back of your computer, banging your head on the underside of the desk, and risking the safety of your delicate digits while fumbling for a USB port. You know where the smart money is.

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