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52 Times Britain was a Bellend
  • 52 Times Britain was a Bellend
  • 52 Times Britain was a Bellend
  • 52 Times Britain was a Bellend

52 Times Britain was a Bellend

Horrible Histories



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52 Times Britain was a Bellend
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Brand spanking NEW
  • An alternative take on our noble British heritage
  • Comedian James Felton shows we're a nation built on arseholes!
  • Has there ever been a better time to revisit Britain's place in the world?
  • The perfect tongue-in-cheek gift for a proud, pork pie-gobbling Brexiteer


Remarkable really that the author managed to whittle it down to just 52! Comedian, James Felton takes a timely look back at our proud British heritage and digs out some absolute howlers that you definitely weren't taught in school.

A painfully hilarious and embarrassing chronicle including, but certainly not limited to:
  • Sending pirates to mess with the Spanish during peacetime
  • Inventing a law so we didn’t have to return artefacts we’d shamelessly nicked from other countries
  • Starting a war with China because they didn't buy enough of our Class A drugs
  • Creating muzzles for women!
Every country has its own dark and twisted past but come on!

Whether you're intrigued and mildly ashamed or you know a staunchly patriotic Brit who needs to read a few home truths – get your hands on these horrible histories and take a long hard laugh at our 'Great' Britain.

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