50 Shades of Gray Book
  • 50 Shades of Gray Book

50 Shades of Gray Book

A naughty new novel

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    Inside pages

    Literally, fifty shades of gray

    A cheeky take on the hugely popular series, this 'Fifty Shades of Gray' Book provides just what it says on the cover. cover.

    Inside, you'll find the full shocking story - 200 completely blank grey pages, four pages for each of the fifty shades, going from light grey to darker grey, meaning that the book gets darker and darker as it progresses.

    The fifty shades of grey have been carefully chosen so you can easily write on them, allowing you to easily fill the book with your very own exciting fantasies, darkest desires - or even your weekly shopping list (whatever turns you on).

    This book is guaranteed to titillate your eyeballs, set your imagination on fire…and deliver you deep and utter satisfaction.

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