50 Cent Mugshot Phone Cases
  • 50 Cent Mugshot Phone Cases

50 Cent Mugshot Phone Cases

In da cell

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  • Let 50 Cent’s piercing seductive stare protect your smartphone
  • Lightweight but hard-wearing phone case
  • #tbt to 1994, a simpler time
  • That’s not the way to the candy shop...
  • Available for most iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models


Protect your most precious asset - your phone, naturalment - with 50 Cent’s mugshot.

Back in 1994, everyone’s favourite rapper got arrested for the mere crime of dealing a cheeky bit of drugs. That could’ve been flour for all we knew! The upside, however, is that we have his badass mugshot to look at as a result.

Just like Ol’ Fiddy himself, this phone case isn’t just a pretty face. It’s tough (lightweight, strong plastic) and tender (feels lovely to stroke). It’s basically like having Curtis Jackson in the room with you.

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