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4-Bidden Words
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  • 4-Bidden Words

4-Bidden Words

Un4gettable fun

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4-Bidden Words
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  • An adult-only game of words
  • Set the timer and test out your guessing skills
  • Just don’t say any of the four 4-Bidden words!
  • Replay value level: extreme
  • From the same geniuses behind What Do You Meme


Hands up if you're over 18 and good at guessing! Seriously, this isn't a game for little ones.

This hilarious guessing game pits you against your mates in teams to out-guess each other. Your fellow team members can shout clues as you try to guess the Buzz Words - just don't say any of the four 4-Bidden words on the card.

Here’s a PG example: Your friend's mission is to guess 'Brunch' - you can give them as many clues as you want, but you’re not allowed to say 'breakfast', 'lunch', 'hungover' or 'bottomless'.

It’s going to take a lot of irrelevant references and vague miming before your friend guesses it correctly. Good luck with that! Product features:
  • 4-Bidden Words Guessing Game
  • Contains 600 Buzz Words, 2,400 4-Bidden words, 8 penalty chips and 1 futuristic sand timer
  • Oooh, purple sand
  • Loads of fun for adults, 18+ recommended
  • Measures approximately 60cm (H) x 39.6cm (W) x 3.8cm (D)

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