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3Doodler Create

Just Drawsome

This is only available at Firebox!
  • Take your drawings to another dimension
  • 70% smaller, 50% lighter than the original
  • Quieter and easier to use. More brownie points
  • It's like a mini 3D printer in the palm of your hand
  • No technical knowledge or computer software required
  • Allows you to physically draw in the air
  • All new accessory packs (sold separately)
Here's a bit of news that might make you cry with excitement: 3Doodler – The Worlds First 3D Printing Pen has had a seriously glamorous makeover. How glamorous? 75% smaller, 50% lighter and quieter glamorous.

Unless you're one of those gifted street artists who can create images that pop out when you look at them from a certain angle; your drawings will always remain firmly in the two-dimensional world. Well not any more, thanks to the triumphant arrival of 3Doodler Create.

Now you can bring your pictures to life, exactly as you imagined them. Just plug it in and start drawing as you would with a regular pen, only in the air. 3Doodler Create neatly squeezes out a thin, flexible, but strong thread of heated plastic that quickly hardens, allowing you to create colourful three-dimensional shapes in real time.

It feels natural in the hand and is equally as rewarding to use, with no technical knowledge or computer software necessary. You can draw freehand or trace over templates to create larger structures and objects – there's hundreds available online to help get you started.

Our new accessory packs (sold separately) provide various ways to enhance your doodles; from different sized nozzles that expand your creativity, to pedals with speed control and stands to improve stability and also the Jetpack - a portable battery that means you can doodle on the go.

All that remains to be asked is just #WhatWillYouCreate?

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6 Reviews

Average 4/5 stars
  • "She loves it. I love it. Our friends and their kids love it."
    Chris - 27th of October, 2016
  • "3Doodler 2. 0 is a truly amazing piece of, may I say, machinery. :)."
    Bohdan - 19th of January, 2016
  • "This is a fun and great pen - easy to use and such a great idea"
    Nicola - 1st of July, 2015
  • "Brillant! Considerably better then the original! Quieter, lighter, easier to hold. The extra nozzle pack improves it further! 5*."
    Sarah - 10th of June, 2015
  • "Amazing gadget, my arty girlfriend was ecstatic. Comes with tons of the plastic rods so you can create straight out of the box!"
    Ross - 9th of June, 2015