3D Movie Viewer for iPhone
  • 3D Movie Viewer for iPhone

3D Movie Viewer for iPhone

Multi-dimensional movies

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    Watching through the 3D Movie Viewer for iPhone

    Movie scenes will leap out at you

    Want to see things jump out of your screen, but don‘t have access to unlimited Hollywood budgets? The 3-D Movie Viewer for iPhone is about to take you to the movies.

    Much like its venerable predecessor the stereoscopic View-Master, the 3D Movie Viewer for iPhone effectively translates the yt3D format by directing the left/right images to the appropriate eyeball. Making those YouTube videos leap out of the screen.

    Simply slip your iPhone into the hand-held viewer and marvel as YouTube films come to life in all its multi-dimensional glory through the special aspherical lens. Touchscreen controls are easily accessed via the thumb holes, making searching and replaying videos a breeze.

    front view
    With new content being added every day, isn’t it time you added another dimension to your viewing?

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