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3D Camera

    3D Camera

    That is, the pictures are 3D

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      You don't have to know anything about photography to get good results from the 3D Camera. As long as you have something in both the foreground and the background, the subject will be 'made 3D' by the camera. A built-in flash helps improve the quality of darker scenes, as it would with a normal camera. All you really have to do is pick a good subject, point and click.

      The 3D image isn't like the William Shakespeare holograms on bankcards; nor is it similar to those flip-card pictures of footballers or dinosaurs that alternate between two or three images depending on how you tilt them (remember those? On cereal boxes?). You may have seen the excellent card range with kitsch religious scenes and animals on them – the 3D Camera produces images of that high and distinct quality, using the identical process by which the cards themselves are made.

      With its three lenses, the camera effectively captures the left eye image and the right eye image of the subject that we would see by looking at it without a camera. The human brain combines left and right eye images to give us 3D perspective; by printing the left and right eye images taken by the 3D Camera on a special material that only lets the left eye see the left eye image and the right eye the right image, the illusion of true 3D is created.

      The results really are impressive. The lenticular material used in the prints makes them thick and durable, and the pearl-style finish is also very pleasing. In terms of uniquely capturing a special event, or just taking pictures that no one else will have and that everyone else will be impressed with, the 3D Camera is the canine's cojones.

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