3D Cake Moulds
  • 3D Cake Moulds
  • 3D Cake Moulds
  • 3D Cake Moulds
  • 3D Cake Moulds

3D Cake Moulds

Bake your cakes to another dimension

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  • Aren't you sick of trendy little cupcakes and dainty "cake pops?"
  • Put your cake decorating skills to the ultimate test
  • Create any creature you can imagine...from CAKE
  • Little cake canvases just waiting to be brought to life


In a world cluttered with overpriced trendy little cupcakes and pretentious bite-sized "cake pops" you need something less refined, stockier, a bit rough around the edges.

Bake your cakes to another dimension with these wonderfully squat 3D Cake Moulds – they're the rugged blank baking canvases the world has been crying out for.

No more perfect dainty creations. It's time to get really messy. Part-fill the silicone moulds with cake mixture, pop them in to bake and once they're ready and cooled, prepare yourself to absolutely plaster these expressionless figures with icing. Go on, slap it on like a clueless, fat-handed interior decorator. With the addition of a pair of googly eyes, anything is a successful creature creation. Anything. Remember, if they look too good no one will believe you've made them.

In all seriousness though, these guys are great. Create animals, monsters, pirates – anything your heart desires and your icing proficiency allows. The included multi-purpose syringe makes decoration a hell of a lot easier and also allows you to inject a syrupy lifeblood of jam/cream/custard/chocolate into your spongy characters.

They'll stand completely by themselves so all can marvel at your creations, but let's be honest they won't be around long before they're being gleefully shovelled into some eagerly awaiting mouths.

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