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36 Cube
  • 36 Cube

36 Cube

A towering problem

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    Put all the towers in the right places

    Sudoku is hunky-dory but we like solving something we can get our mitts around. After all, hurling a tangible object across the room is far more satisfying than stabbing paper with a biro. Maybe that’s why we love 36 Cube. Why you little…

    A 3D take on Sudoku, this multi-award-winning puzzle will have you gripped in seconds, infuriated for hours and riveted for life. The idea is to place all 36 towers onto its skyline-style base to form a level cube. Sounds easy but the towers vary in height, as do the bits on the base, and you can’t repeat the same colour in any single row or column. Hmmm…

    Simple instructions, but it's not as easy at it looks... trust us!

    Trust us, you’ll be reaching for the hair tonic and bandaging your gnawed knuckles after just a few goes, especially when you’ve placed all but two of the towers and realise you've done something wrong. Aargh! Solve this sucker and you can definitely call yourself a brainbox. Well, compared to us. Help!

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