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3 Wise Monkeys

    3 Wise Monkeys

    Hey, hey, we're the monkeys!

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      Legend has it that the Divine Messengers of the 3 Truths (Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil) were introduced into Japanese culture by a Chinese Buddhist monk in the 8th Century AD. Long ago the three wise monkeys were carved into stone pillars to ward off evil spirits. Fascinating for sure, but we wonder what the aforementioned monk would make of these furry little fellows.

      tshirt closeupAlthough their 'Keep Schtum' message remains the same, our 3 Wise Monkeys are infinitely cuter than the naff carved ones people bring back from far-flung destinations, and way more cuddly. Even better, these cheeky chimps boast magnetic paws that attach to eyes, ears or mouth, so you can pose them however you like, within reason...

      three monkeys
      some monkeys, yesterday.

      tshirt closeupResplendent in groovy T-Shirts emblazoned with the legendary 'Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil' maxim favoured by lily-livered individuals with Trappist tendencies everywhere, each wise monkey serves as a constant reminder as to the dangers of opening one's mouth at inopportune moments, looking when you shouldn't and eavesdropping on other people's conversations. What's more, they're said to ward off evil spirits and create harmony wherever they go.

      packagingPhilosophies aside, 3 Wise Monkeys make a great gift for friends who know something about you that they shouldn't. But above and beyond all of this, they're the sweetest little simians we've seen in ages. In fact, we guarantee you'll be unable to pass them without rearranging their paws, giving them a quick squeeze or nuzzling into their soft, cute monkey faces.

      desk chimpsThey make excellent desk-top companions, helping to ward off bad omens, evil spirits, computer crashes and spam emails. Maybe. So quit monkeying around and get ordering!

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