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24 DVD Game

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    What's the most fist-bitingly tense TV show in history? No, it's not Deal or No Deal, it's 24. With its labyrinthine storylines, bip-bopping clock and split screen action, this nerve-shredding tour de force makes other so-called thrillers seem about as exciting as Heartbeat.

    And as for Jack Bauer - well, put simply, this velvet-voiced action-man is the hardest geezer on the planet. Just ask Habib Marwan, Ramon Salazar or any of the other baddies who've crossed schematics with CTU's most dangerous agent.

    With all this in mind wouldn't it be good if you could step into the screen and team up with Jack on an explosive covert adventure? With the brilliant 24 DVD Game you can do exactly that and more. This thrilling interactive game let's you immerse yourself in the 24 universe - ticking clock 'n' all.

    Featuring all of the edgy 24-style elements you know and love, the idea is to assume the role of a CTU agent and determine which clues to follow in order to identify and neutralise an imminent threat to national security before 24 hours are up. With multiple storylines, dead-ends, double crosses and shocking twists, this is as close as it gets to being one of Jack's bestest buddies (although on past evidence, maybe that's not such a great thing).

    Unlike Jack Bauer, you won't need an untraceable cellphone or a micro-transmitter to beat the baddies - just your DVD remote, as the decisions you make determine whether or not you advance.

    The game even features a 'virtual CTU office', where you can analyse and interpret data. Immersive? If you're anything like us you'll become totally obsessed - we just got IT to patch through an encrypted schematic of our office so we could work out the fastest route to the nerve gas canister…sorry, we mean the water cooler. And as for that constantly ticking clock, you'll be hearing it every waking hour - bip…bop…bip…bop. Aargh, the tension!

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