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20Q Tabletop Challenge
  • 20Q Tabletop Challenge

20Q Tabletop Challenge

Flummox the family

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    Aren't questions great? See, we just asked one there. Okay, so it was a rhetorical one but you know what we mean, don't you? (This could go on forever, couldn't it?). Of course the reason questions are so great is that, unless you're talking to a politician, they invariably yield answers.

    20Q Tabletop Challenge But why the interest in Q&As? Well, ever since the utterly dumbfounding 20Q arrived here at Firebox HQ we've been fixated. That's because this befuddling ball of circuitry left us flummoxed, flabbergasted and scratching our heads in disbelief, as it can guess exactly what you're thinking just by asking a series of seemingly irrelevant questions.

    20Q Tabletop Challenge But if you think that's clever wait until you go head-to-head with 20Q Tabletop Challenge. Despite looking like the nosecone of a RiddlerJet 747 that's just had a humungous bowling ball dropped on it, 20Q Tabletop Challenge is even brainier than its spherical sibling (it knows twice as many "things"), and the gorgeously funky 360 degree 'floating' LED display means that a whole gang of inquisitors can now marvel at its uncanny powers of perception.

    Just like the bestselling handheld version, 20Q Tabletop Challenge is an electronic update of the traditional 'animal, vegetable, mineral?' guessing game. The baffling bit is that it nearly always guesses what you're thinking, no matter how bizarre or obscure. Astonishing! And no, we haven't got a clue how it works.

    20Q Tabletop Challenge

    20Q Tabletop Challenge As well as its mystifying powers of deduction, 20Q Tabletop Challenge features double the amount of targets and questions than the original, and the 'Yes', 'No' and 'Sometimes' buttons are now bolstered by 'Rarely' and 'Undo' options; handy if it asks 'Do you clean it regularly?' The only way we've managed to stump this telepathic titan is with unutterable obscenities. We guarantee you'll be staggered by its success rate, not least because of the bizarre nature of the questions it asks. Thankfully we don't need 20Q Tabletop Challenge to guess what you're thinking right now, so here's the answer: yes, it really is amazing, and yes, you should order yours before the whole world goes 20Q crazy.

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