Summer Sale 2018
2001 Space Monolith Action Figure
  • 2001 Space Monolith Action Figure

2001 Space Monolith Action Figure

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    lifestyle/scale shot - spaceman not included

    What is it and how did it get here?

    Action figures, smaction figures – we’ve seen ‘em all. At least we thought we had until *cue iconic 2001: A Space Odyssey intro music* the Space Monolith Action Figure appeared from nowhere here at Firebox HQ.

    With no discernable features, zero points of articulation and a distinct lack of action, this solid block of semi-synthetic, organic, amorphous, solid materials (aka plastic) is modelled on the mysterious Tycho Magnetic Anomalies from Stanley Kubrick’s incomprehensible sci-fi classic.

    As the featureless slab of who-knows-what that unites all four sections of the film, the Space Monolith is perfect for screen-gazers keen to ponder the meaning of life. It won’t teleport, self-replicate or emit loud radio signals but at least it will mark you out as an aficionado of profound film making. Confused? You should be, you daft monkey!

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