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2 Carat Mug
  • 2 Carat Mug

2 Carat Mug

With this ring, I thee make tea

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    2 Carat Cup

    Ooh la latté!

    Heard the one about the sparkling 'diamond' ring that's attached to a porcelain mug? It's hilarious. Especially seeing as it's packaged in a beautiful presentation box that only shows the gleaming ring. Haha!

    We've seen some amusing ideas over the years but the 2 Carat Mug is up there with the funniest. As you can see this cruel but comical mug has a handle resembling an engagement-style ring complete with a genuine Swarovski crystal.

    2 Carat Cup

    Can you hear the wedding bells?

    The idea - as if we need to explain it - is to present the ring in its elegant box and watch your recipient's face drop as they realise this luxe loop is actually a mug handle. You won't know whether to laugh, scarper or put a steak on your black eye!

    2 Carat Cup

    Bona fide Swarovski Crystal!

    Aside from its initial comedic shock value the 2 Carat Mug is a seriously original vessel from which to sip your tea or coffee. Who else do you know who's got a blinged-up mug? (Don't answer that if you've got a P Diddy wannabe at the next desk).

    2 Carat Cup

    Darling, will you… put the
    kettle on!

    Armed with this gaudy mug you'll always have a finger sparkler to hand. And that can be mighty handy when the amorous Finchy-style sales rep comes a-calling. Yes you'll have to slip your third finger through the 'handle' to achieve the full effect, but who cares about that when everyone is transfixed by your whopping great Jimmy Savile of a ring.

    An ab fab gift for the girl with everything (or the pretend rapper with nothing), the 2 Carat Mug is an 18 carat winner when it comes to raising a good giggle. You can even choose between gold or platinum effect glaze. Brandishing a mug has never been so glam. Darling, would you do me the honour of... putting the kettle on!

    2 Carat Cup

    Available in Gold or Platinum colour

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