1970's Hairy Chest Toddler Tee
  • 1970's Hairy Chest Toddler Tee

1970's Hairy Chest Toddler Tee

Early Night Fever

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  • Treat your toddler to some vintage 70s disco chic
  • Features a suede vest, aviators, chest hair and peace-loving bling
  • Made from a comfortable blend of polyester & spandex
  • Photo realistic and high-quality printing
  • Groom your child to be the fourth Bee Gee


No child born now will ever know what it was like to be alive in the 70's. Sure they can be regaled with exciting tales from their elders but it's just not the same...

Pulling on this stylish suede vest accessorised with a pair golden aviators, a neckline draped with peace-loving bling and a luxuriant rug of curly chest hair – they'll look and feel like they've strutted straight out of a Brooklyn Discotheque.

Adorn your toddler with this fine, photo-realistic getup and transport them back to a better time.

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