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1966 World Cup Final

    1966 World Cup Final

    ''s all over. It's on vid now'

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      It should be on the National Curriculum alongside spelling tests and times tables. A few PE lessons in primary school swapped for some parrot-fashion learning and children everywhere would have their education complete. All together - Banks, Cohen, Charlton J, Moore, Wilson, Stiles, Charlton R, Peters, Ball, Hunt, Hurst. 4-2 after extra time. Hurst hat trick, and Peters. July 30th, 1966. The Empire Stadium, Wembley.

      It's a long time since 1966 and all that, and as it fades into distant memory it's important that just recollections survive. The highlights are immortal, the match itself somewhat less memorable for anyone under 35. This video shows the entire ding-dong battle in digitally enhanced black and white, preventing the sight of England's red shirts (a pity) and Alan Ball's red hair (a blessing). Americans have their moon landing, we've got this.

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