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13 Amp Fuse Light

      13 Amp Fuse Light

      An icon of form and function

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        13 Amp Fuse Light

        Lamp and tube packaging

        Bog-standard electrical plug fuses are pretty dull, aren't they? Having said that, if you blow one up - say, hundreds of times its original size - and bung a light bulb inside, it suddenly becomes rather fascinating. And that's just as well, because it's precisely what the makers of the 13 Amp Fuse Light have done.

        This smart table lamp is the ultimate example of utilitarian design, and it's ideal for any contemporary scenario. With that familiar brown and white label and those brushed-steel end caps, this icon of standardised British design is guaranteed to get tongues a-wagging wherever you choose to put it.

        13 Amp Fuse Light

        Ideal for bookshelves

        It really is amazing how an everyday object takes on a whole new dimension when it's enlarged to this degree. We guarantee you'll be rifling through your toolbox for regular 13 amp fuses just to compare little with large. And once you have, your appreciation of the humble fuse will skyrocket. After all, without these dinky tubular doodahs your electrical appliances would go kaput.

        13 Amp Fuse Light

        Pretend you've shrunk.
        If you want.

        As well as making most other table lamps look completely unoriginal, not to mention dull (how ironic), the 13 Amp Fuse Light serves as a glowing tribute to the indomitable BS 1363 domestic power plug. And no, we can't be bothered explaining what that is to all you non-electrical types. The point is this stark but chic light is destined to become highly coveted by anyone with an inkling of style. You can even grasp it in your hand and pretend you've shrunk. If you want.

        13 Amp Fuse Light

        Flick the switch

        We doubt the 13 Amp Fuse Light will ever be as popular as the item upon which it is based, but we still think it's going to be seriously popular. So don't blow it, hurry up and get ordering!

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