11 - The Beautiful Game Luxury Table Football
  • 11 - The Beautiful Game Luxury Table Football

11 - The Beautiful Game Luxury Table Football

Roman, lend us £45,000

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    Players close-up

    Pick your team of Chrome fussballers

    If you think having a full-on table football game in your pad is the height of laddish decadence, think again. Because the outrageously deluxe 11 – The Beautiful Game Luxury Football Table makes every other table football game you’ve seen look distinctly second division. In fact it relegates them clean out of the league.

    Top of the Premiership in terms of, well, in terms of everything, and seeped in WTF-factor, this gorgeously OTT plaything has been created with discerning (and fat-walleted) lovers of the beautiful game in mind. Indeed it’s so striking it’s verging on being a playable art installation.

    Side profile view

    Designed like modern football stadia

    With sweeping curves that replicate the grandeur of modern stadiums the award-winning Beautiful Game is ideal for football loving oligarchs who can’t quite stretch to buying a club. Or monied-up fans with an insatiable urge to splurge.

    Featuring atmospheric integrated lighting with central lights that automatically indicate the score, the Beautiful Game renders plastic abacus-style counters obsolete. What’s more, brushed chrome metal players are a luxe upgrade from the usual plastic clowns. And check this out – the players’ individual shirt numbers remain illuminated in striking red throughout each match.


    Play a quick game with your friends

    Taking over a year to design to its current ludicrously high spec, every aspect of this awesome table has been meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans. Unveil this baby in one of your mansions and pals will drop to their knees in utter disbelief and weep with jealousy before pulling their shirts over their heads and doing a few Nani-style backflips in pure unadulterated joy. Probably.

    number close-up

    Each players number illuminates

    Each table is individually numbered and handcrafted over a period of 12 weeks from the point of order to delivery. And if you’re a genuine Premiership footballer that’s more than enough time to pay off the £45,000 quid you’ll have forked out in the first place. In fact you’ve probably earned that in the time it took to read this paragraph. So what are you waiting for, the Beautiful Game Luxury Football Table is a bargain. Gooaaaallllll!

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