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10-in-1 Games Table

    10-in-1 Games Table

    10-in-1 = Hours of Fun!

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      Most tables are about as interesting as, well, tables. Dinner tables, periodic tables, kitchen tables, times tables. Even the Premiership Table is becoming a tad predictable. That's why we were eager to unearth a table that bucks the current "tables are boring" trend. A table that conforms to our strict "blimey, that's utterly amazing" ethos. And wouldn't you just know it, we've found one!

      The amazing 10-in-1 Games Table is a gorgeously crafted four-legged piece of fun furniture housing ten, yes ten, of the best ever bar games. It's the ideal way to bring a bit (well, quite a lot) of the pub into you home, and is guaranteed to provide endless hours of fun. Choose between pool, table tennis, air hockey, skittles, table football, checkers, shuffleboard, backgammon, chess and cards. As well as the playing surfaces themselves, the 10-in-1 contains all the bats, balls, cues and accessories needed for play.

      Each playing surface fits ingeniously on top of the next, quasi-Russian-Doll-style, making this the ultimate in modern, multiplay minimalism. Obviously some of the games have been reduced in size, but this in no way detracts from the fun. In fact, in terms of increased skill level required, playing ping-pong on a smaller table is a bit like riding a pushbike around your front room.

      Best of all, owning a 10-in-1 means you no longer need to nip down the local to get your table-based gaming kicks. Just think, no more sticky carpets, no more mind-marmalising hangovers (unless, of course, you choose to drink at home), no more arguments with sovereign ring-wearing oiks over who's got the chalk, and no more "Are you staring at my bird/pint/alcopop?" style interrogations. In fact, with a 10-in-1 you'll have no more social life. Period. (Of course, it goes without saying that your pad will now be the destination of choice for all your newly acquired mates). The 10-in-1 really is that engrossing.

      We've had one in the foyer at Firebox HQ for a while, and we can honestly say, as four-legged things go, this is more entertaining than Scooby Doo, Lassie, Little & Large, Cannon & Ball and Morecambe & Wise combined.

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