10 Key Calculator
  • 10 Key Calculator

10 Key Calculator

It all adds up

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    Crunch those numbers!

    Calculators can be pretty soulless little objects, which does no favours for the white-knuckle ride that is maths. Well fear not, number crunchers. With the 10 Key Calculator you can jazz up your desktop and knock out sums in style.

    A cheeky wink to keyboard number pads, it’s wonderfully clickable. In fact, short of yelling “Stand back! I’m doing maths!” it’s the best way to let people know how important – and great with figures – you are.

    USB PC and Apple connection

    Works with Window and Mac systems. Just plug in via the supplied USB cable

    But best of all, this funky little gadget will plug into your laptop via USB, working as an actual number pad to boost your laptop’s keyboard functions! That’s handy, we’ll have to remember that. M+

    Three colours are available




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