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1-Upcake Moulds

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    Stomping on turtles, dodging bullets and clobbering chestnut-shaped nasties all day can leave you plumb tuckered. So why not take a breather and grab a life-boosting 1-Upcake. Or two, or three.

    1-Upcake Moulds are a tongue-in-cheek tribute to everyone’s favourite iconic, blue overall-wearing, moustachioed, Italian hero. Do we have to spell it out? Oh you know who we mean. Anyway, thanks to these charming silicone bases you can bake up to 4 cupcakes that look remarkably similar to those in-game ‘shrooms. Well... if you squint.

    4 different colours

    Line em' up, mmm...

    Great for gaming geeks and cake lovers alike, 1-Upcake Moulds will be sure to perk anyone up and make them feel twice their size. We’ll leave you to make your own sound effects.

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