In a word, wow!


In a word, wow!

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Batteries (4x AA) for Original Nebula / Original Galaxy

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Yes indeed, light lovers; using the latest in laser, LED and crystal optics, the incredible Laserpod brings science and nature together to create ever-changing organic light forms of profound beauty. At least that's what it says on the box. But in this case, we'd have to agree.

Laserpod Galaxy offers a warm, more intimate, colour blend with a resonance embedded in dance culture. Galaxy was developed by Laserpod and Galaxy Radio, especially for Ibiza and was featured in super-clubs like Pasha, Space and El Divino throughout the summer as a signature for top DJs Roger Sanchez, Paul Oakenfold and Jade Jagger!

Despite its power, the Laserpod only requires 3 x AA batteries, but it can also be operated using the supplied mains adapter. (Handy, as time becomes an abstract phenomenon when you're busy being visually assaulted by the Laserpod).

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Delivery details:
This product can only be delivered to addresses within the UK.

Please Note:
  • Laserpod Basestation is avaiable in Black or White but we cannot guarantee which you will get
  • Laserpod Galaxy: Red Laser, Blue and Orange LEDs
Battery info:
  • Laserpod Satellites are mains only, and will not run on batteries.
  • Contents:
    • 1x Laserpod Orb Projector Lamp
    • 1x AC DC Adaptor
    • 1x Crystal Inside
    • 1x Instruction and safety booklet
  • Dimensions:
    • Approximately 14cm (H) 13cm (Dia)

Customer Reviews

Is this safe for babies to look up at?
Louisa - 15th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Louisa, our supplier has informed us that Laserpods are a great way to send a baby to sleep as they watch the beams on the ceiling above them and are totally safe to look up at. In fact totally safe to look at the beams right in your eye.
I was given my laserpod original a few years ago and I am well impresed with it unfortunatley I have lost my lenses for it, would it be poss if you could email me and let me know where I can get another one and how much it will cost, thanks.
Tommy - 18th December 2011
Firebox says: Hi Tommy, if you could drop us an email at with your order number, we will see what we can do to help. Thanks
Im going to but some as xmas presents which colours nicest? all blue or the other model, please heeelp soon.
Galey - 7th December 2011
Firebox says: Hi Galey, the main difference between them is just the shape and size of the housing. All the ones above at the time of writing are the Galaxy model, and they have a red laser together with a blue LED and an amber LED. And they're all beautiful!
I've had a Laserpod for about 6 years and I love it, It's recently broke after moving house so I'll be buying a new one. One thing to mention, A comment made by Alex Miles on Feb 7th asks about the difference between the original Laserpod and the original galaxy Laserpod - there IS a difference. 'Galaxy' models have red, blue and orange LEDs, whereas the original just use different shades of blue.
Alex Coady - 5th August 2011
I want to buy one of these but have a question before choosing the model. The new 'base' model - does it rotate the light automatically (like the original model), or is it static and you rotate it with the new swivel option?
Richard - 27th July 2011
Firebox says: You rotate the lens yourself Richard, allowing you to direct it in whichever direction you choose.
I am considering buying the Laserpod original galaxy, but I am confused. What's the difference between the Laserpod original and the Laserpod original galaxy?
Alex Miles - 7th February 2011
Firebox says: Hi there Alex, all of the Laserpod's are called 'Galaxy' - so there is only one Laserpod Original Galaxy, there is not one purely called 'Laserpod Original.' Hope this clears it up.